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Ms. Myrtle Zachary Jackson

Meet Ms. Myrtle

I come from a long line of great bakers, with recipes dating back more than 180 years.  My great grandmother, Delia, from the Island of Cameroon, was brought to America as a slave and settled on a plantation in Fayetteville County, Texas.  Her baking prowess was quickly recognized and she became the chief cook for the plantation.  Her recipes, and love of baking, were passed to her children, and to the generations that followed, until they were given to me by my mother.  It is with great love and pride that I offer these recipes to our customers.  When you buy from Ms. Myrtle’s Bakery Shoppe, you get a piece of our history in addition to a great tasting product.  Enjoy our taste of southern sweetness!

Our History

Growing up in Texas, I knew about good cakes and pies long before I could bake. You see, I come from a long line of great bakers and those very same recipes my ancestors used were passed down to me; some of which are over 180 years old.

I was always surrounded by good food and a strong family; growing up, most of us lived on the same street. My grandmother Rosie and Aunt Johnell taught me at an early age how to bake. My father Jesse and mother Dorothy were instrumental in my love for great tasting food because they were great cooks and bakers too. But the truth be told, it was my Aunt Johnell who really taught me the true art of baking. When I think about it, it seemed like she would always have something sweet baking in her oven, which is why I loved hanging out at her home as a child. Aunt Johnell lived across the street, so I was only a hop, skip and a jump away from the sweet aroma of her wonderful desserts. Everything she knew about baking she learned from her grandmother Delia. 

Great grandmother Delia was from the Igbo tribe off the Island of Cameroon. She was brought to America as a slave and at some point in time found herself on a plantation in Fayetteville County, Texas. She was a tall dark woman who’s task was working in the field. Though she worked the fields by day, in the evenings she cooked for many of the slaves on the plantation. Word got around to the plantation owner about her good cooking and he and his family experienced just how true it was. He demoted the current cook to work the fields and promoted my great grandmother to be the cook and live in the big house. She was their cook for many decades until she retired.

Baking is in my blood because I come from a long line of bakers and cooks. This is what inspired me to open a retail bakery in 2000. My only desire when opening the bakery was to share my natural gift for baking and love for great food with the rest of the world. In Texas we like everything big, bold, and flavorful and yes, a little sweet. Our baked goods are made without preservatives and as always we add a cup of love to everything we bake. When you purchase Ms. Myrtle’s Bakery Shoppe desserts you are not only getting a quality dessert that taste and looks good, you are also getting a piece of my history. 

Our Team

We are truly a family business!  Our team of expert bakers consists of Ms. Myrtle (mother) and her daughters Andrea and Rosharon.  This team hasn’t changed since our inception over 20 years ago.

The bonding love of family has kept us together, and the commitment to serving our customers has kept us thriving. 

We love what we do, and it shows!

Our Commitment to Customers

Our family, is committed to making your experience with us as memorable as the occasion you are planning. We are very proud of our creativity, customer satisfaction and most especially our aim for bakery perfection. What makes our bakery unique? Everything we bake is filled with passion, love and goodness in every bite.We are deeply grateful to you, our loyal customers. For your commitment to us, we make these commitments to you.

  • Outstanding customer service.
  • To never substitute quality or lower our standards.
  • To remain on the cutting edge, with the latest trends and technologies in baking and decorating techniques.
  • To continually update and add to our decoration database in order to remain current with the hottest trends of the day.
  • To always strive to improve, learn and grow.